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"David came to our church this year to conduct a week-long music workshop with our choir. His knowledge of music and Christian music in particular is second to none. His spiritual deftness combined with his leadership style has catapulted our choir to another level entirely.
The service he held with us and the way the choir followed his leadership was magnetizing. The worship experience was very deep and fulfilling. The choir is now fine tuned to the glory of God.  Our choir is not the same since Pastor David spent a week with them. 
I believe with all my heart that Pastor David is a called man of God who is ready to use his God-given talent to help any church in training or retraining their choir. He is good in contemporary, Gospel and traditional church music.”

Rev. Dr. Gideon O., Sr. Pastor

Beautiful Gate and Ministries, Antioch, TN

“The best thing I could convey to you about David Briscoe is that he is a man of God with integrity.”   

Dr. Gene Nease

Former Pastor, Owner of Walnut Creek Chapel

“David Briscoe is one of the most talented people I have ever known, but what truly makes him unique is the heart he has to go with that talent. David has a passion to help people reach their potential and possesses the leadership to turn groups of people into an organized team.  

David has experience working with broad and diverse groups of people. Whether he is ministering from the piano or behind the scenes, he is an anointed and effective minister. If you are needing help with your worship team or looking for anointed worship, I would highly recommend David to assist in your ministry.”

Barry Dodson, Founder/President

Accelerate Ministries Inc., OKC, OK

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