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Beginning piano lessons at the age of nine, music has played a vital role in David Briscoe’s life.  By the time he was in high school he knew that music ministry would be an integral part of his future.  Recently, David began a new chapter in his ministry.


At thirteen, David began working in the church as a janitor and often became distracted when a piano was nearby.  Much to his teachers chagrin, David was embellishing and putting his own twists on classic works by Chopin, but felt most free when he became pianist/organist at a small church during high school and realized his calling in music ministry.


Upon completing his undergraduate work in piano at Oklahoma City University, David began full-time music ministry.  Writing and producing programs, directing choirs and pastoral care were very rewarding but leading the body of Christ into the presence of God quickly became the thrust of his ministry.  Twenty years in ministry and a graduate degree in voice has made him a well-rounded and talented worship leader.


Currently, David ministers as a worship evangelist in a concert and teaching format with an emphasis on worship.  He also conducts customized workshops for music ministry and is a vocal coach.  As a result of encountering God’s presence, David has witnessed many transformed lives, including his own.  It is his desire to encourage and inspire congregations widespread to experience God’s life-changing presence finding hope, joy, strength, wisdom, direction and all His promises.


David is married to his wonderful wife Brandi and has two beautiful children Leigha and Andrew.

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