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Planning Your Ceremony Music

Take time to plan your ceremony and music several months in advance of your wedding date if at all possible.  You'll want to give your musician and officiant ample time to prepare.

When planning the service, consider your values and think about your choices putting yourself in a place to think of them when you look back at your wedding day many years from now.

It should be much easier to choose music with these considerations.

What's Your Style?

In planning for your wedding, consider your style preferences, whether modern or traditional, for example.  Choosing music that compliments that style will make your ceremony intentionally significant and memorable.

What Songs Do I Need?

Most wedding ceremony music can be put in to two categories - Prelude and Ceremony.  The prelude should reflect the style and mood you'd like to set.  Ceremony music selections also set the tone for this momentous occasion.  Watch this short video to help you plan what songs you will need and how many. 



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