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Experienced Musician

Pianist, Vocalist, Director, Instructor, Clinician

Providing quality music expertise for weddings, receptions, church ministry events, civic events, private and corporate parties, Christmas parties,  military ceremonies and concerts.

Serving the local church in ministry as Music Minister, seminar speaker, music ministry coach, evangelist and in concerts.

Why Choose a Live Musician?
  • A musician is more passionate than your MP3 Player.

  • A musician is versatile and can connect many genres.

  • A musician adds fun and excitement to any event.

  • A musician can customize to your needs.

  • With a musician there are no abrupt stops or awkward fade downs found when using 'canned' music.

  • Technical difficulties are highly unlikely.

  • A musician adds elegance and class.

  • A musician is interactive with you and the audience.

  • A musician helps make an event more memorable.

  • A musician provides impeccable timing!

  • You'll gain a new friendship.

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